Mamoru Oshii's SAND WHALE AND ME on Toonami

STORY: "Sand Whale and Me” is the story of a female paratrooper in the distant future who is stranded in a vast desert. With limited supply of food and water, her only hope is to catch a Sand Whale from a pack. If she can't, her life may just hang in the balance.“

“Sand Whale and Me” is a 25 minute, 5 part short film from director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor) and Production I.G. premiering in Toonami on March 18th ((in celebration of Toonami's 20th anniversary).

Presented in a “hybrid” live action X CG style, folks who’d watched Oshii’s 2009 “Assault Girls“ would instantaneously recognise the style (I have a “thing” for that film quite a bit actually), and visually it doesn’t seemed to have changed as much LOL … hey, in fact, is the story now a “continuation” of the previous feature film?

Sand Whale and Me
Sand Whale and Me 2


In “Assault Girls”, there is also an entirely red-clad Female warrior known as “COLONEL” (played by Hinako Saeki). This is her character description from the film’s official website:
"Female warrior riding on a horse racing through the desolate desert. Her weapon is a customized automatic-rifle, a FAL. She grasps situations in a calm and reassuring manner and brings down herds of monsters in rapid-fire succession. She definitely deserves to be called "Colonel". She has a giant descending remote-control hunting soldier Temjin (Sky Man) on standby on an assault landing ship (Ryujo II) in the sky for crucial moments. In the real world, she is the mother of two children and earns a living by hunting monsters instead of relying on her junkie husband."
Would be very interesting if the new incarnation is in some way connected to “Assault Girls” (story-wise), as frankly it would be too much a stretch to say these are “unrelated”, or if you want to throw in the “reboot”-angle?

Regardless, it’s not for me to say, but to enjoy the films presented before us. Here are some snaps off the web (for “Colonel”), for visual reference:


Besides the overt soft-focus throughout most of “Assault Girls” (at the very less intrusive than Oshii’s earlier “Avalon” - and NO, I don’t need my visuals crisp clear like hi-def-digital), I adored the design aspect of the film’s characters - very much like a post-Apocalyptical “Mad Max” (for lack of a better frame of visual reference), manifest in hyper-manga! What awesome 1/6th-action figures they’ll make too! LOL

Full Film (Dubbed in French, no subs!)

The Art of Yoshitaka Amano on Final Fantasy VII

Meet the man behind Final Fantasy VII's illustrations, Yoshitaka Amano. Polygon spoke wth the man, about how he created the silkscreen art that would inspire the look of the game. Check out their full in-depth Final Fantasy VII feature on Polygon!

Scroll down for a peek at further sketch illustrations for FF7, and as well you can check out illustrations on other subject matters/themes HERE on a fan-page/tumblr.

(All images via Google)


“Aggretsuko” - The Cute Red Panda O.L. Who Loves Heavy Metal Karaoke!

Aggretsuko is a cute Red Panda, working as an office associate in the accounting department of a highly respected trading company. She works in one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tokyo.

It’s always been a dream of Aggretsuko to work as an accountant, especially in this part of the city. But in reality, her bosses are unsympathetic and give her harsh deadlines. She ultimately has become a pushover within the company. When she gets pushed to the limit, she goes out after work and takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal Karaoke sessions!"

Aggretsuko joins Hello Kitty, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Mru and Kero Kero Keroppi, and of course Gudetama of Sanrio's stable of characters - with this particular female-animal themed specifically to a counterpart in the “real world”! Wearing her blue O.L. suit (*Office Lady) and brandishing “Rock-On” hand-signs, Aggretsuko as well wears her “KISS”-Gene Simmons-styled face make-up with aplomb!

Aggretsuko had been the main character in the anime titled “AGGRESSIVE RETSUKO” (thanks for the headsup Antonio Capillo) for well over a year now (some episodes posted here, while many more are available to view on youtube :p).

As well Aggretsuko has already gained “consumer life” in Japan, at the very least in these gacha keychain chains released “a few months ago”! (Pic courtesy of Linda Le AKA VampyBiteMe). You can even imagine her one-raised-leg (in the top gacha) resting on the table in the karaoke, while the other hand holds a microphone, as she ROCKS the room hahahahaha

An interesting character creation, no doubt in reaction to the sign of modern times - a character the masses of working Japanese folks could identify with? Will Aggretsuko be the “Hello Kitty” of THIS generation? Do YOU think she has what it takes, for “Pop Culture Immortality”, beyond the Realms of Kawaii-dom? :)


Interview with AKIRA creator Katsuhiro Otomo & My Current Impressions of the classic anime film

Interview with AKIRA creator Katsuhiro Otomo, with English subtitles! This interview was conducted after the movie was completed. It was originally included on the Japanese Laserdisc of Akira, released in 1993 by Pioneer LDC.

Meanwhile, do scroll on down to see what an average fan of AKIRA (AKA “ME”!) has to opine about the anime classic! LOL

Watching #AKIRA (search "AKIRA 1988 HD 1" on YouTube - English dubbed version) #anime classic

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Eren Titan x Sailor Moon Transformation!

In “celebration” of the coming ATTACK ON TITAN Anime season 2 coming in 2017 (in April, no less :p), here’s a look at Eren’s transformation into a Titan, ala Sailor Moon! (Psst: Scroll down to bottom of this post to view the video for the “original” Sailor Moon transformation!)

Attack On Titan Eren Moon

Source: A GIF on Facebook led me to a porn-site instead, which I then decided to search on youtube. Ah but the wonders of the www!

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SAILOR MOON Transformation!


#AttackonTitan Series 2 Anime Promotional Video Is HERE!

The “Attack on Titan” is set to return in April 2017 with the second series (Announced Earlier), and thanks to a promotional video launched from Kodansha mere minutes before Christmas Day (at least from here in Singapore), we get to see what to expect in the return anime series - including NEW Titans (seen previously in the manga), new locations, and a possible explanation for the Titan’s involvement in the first series (*GASP*), and of course familiar faces!

That Eren Titan versus Armoured Titan though…!

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.09 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.11 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.24 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.26 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.50 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.37 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.04.47 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.13 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.15 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.17 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.16 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.24 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.05.19 AM


Threezero To Do GENOS from #OnePunchMan (Seen # #ToySoul2016)

Threezero Hong Kong has teased&announced their upcoming production of GENOS - from their adaptation of anime/manga One Punch Man into 1/6th-scaled action figures - with a silhouette shown on display next to their SAITAMA - at their Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18) booth! Further details when I have them!

WHO-IS: Genos (ジェノス, Jenosu) is the deuteragonist of One-Punch Man. He is a 19-year-old cyborg and the disciple of Saitama. He is always aiming to become stronger and fights for justice. Under the Hero Association, he is given the name Demon Cyborg (鬼サイボーグ, Oni Saibōgu) and is the S-Class Rank 14 hero." (Text & images via onepunchman.wikia.com)

Naruto Shippuden Pop!Vinyls by Funko for Feb 2017 Release

Naruto Funko IG

FUNKO PRESS: ”All-new Naruto Shippuden Pop!s are coming soon from Funko! This series features Naruto with the Rasengan, Naruto's Team 7 cohorts Kakashi and Sakura, as well as the masked man Tobi! Coming in February!

Be on the lookout for Naruto's exclusive variants, like Naruto in empowered Sage Mode (available only at GameStop), and Naruto in super-empowered Six Paths Sage Mode (exclusively at Hot Topic)!”


About That "TOKYO GHOUL" Live Action Feature Film

Sui Ishida’s TOKYO GHOUL has gone from manga, to an anime series, and now, it is to be a “live action” feature film, to be released in the Summer of 2017!

To be directed by Kentarō Hagiwara, the main cast features Masataka Kubota - who will play “Ken Kaneki”. while the ghoul with purple hair “Toka Kirishima” is played by Fumika Shimizu. The ghoul who turned Ken, “Rize Kamishiro” is played by Yu Aoi, and rounding out the “human” side of law enforcement is Nobuyuki Suzuki as “Investigator Koutaro Amon”, and Yo Oizumi as “Investigator Kureo Mado”.

Tokyo Ghoul Cast

In lieu of moving images, featured here are a selection of official promotional images ala poster and banner ad, advertising “Ken” with his mask on - which is to be designed by Masaki Morikawa of "CHRISTIAN DADA" - who will be in charge of the characters masks and costumes, which to me personally, is a huge aspect of the story visuals, versus the CGI/SFX that is naturally to come, especially for the Ghouls’ “kagune”s.


As a fan of the anime (I loved Season 1 :p) - moreso than anyone might suspect, I am just crossing my fingers it does not go by way of “Attack on Titans” - which has become a larger disappointment that I give credit for LOL

Folks can stay connect to the film in a variety of online portals: tokyoghoul.jp / Facebook / Twitter @tkg_movie, and as well the film’s IMDb-page. There is also the Tokyo Ghoul fan-page (where the behind-the-scenes snaps were from).

Tokyo Ghoul BTS 1
Tokyo Ghoul BTS 2
Tokyo Ghoul BTS 3

#TokyoGhoul live action feature film!!!! More info on #iNotOtaku! http://inototaku.blogspot.sg

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It has been reported that filming begun in July 2016, and has since ended in September this year. The story is based on the manga (which I am unfamiliar with), with the plot listed on asianwiki.com bring;
PLOT: "Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) is a university student. He becomes injured by Rize, a human eating ghoul. Ken is saved from the ghoul when a steel frame falls on Rize. They are both sent to the hospital. Ken receives an organ transplant from Rize and becomes a half ghoul."
Tokyo Ghoul JP

I certainly would be uber jazzed if they used the song “österreich (incompetence)” by Munō (OP for Season 2) tho! (Blogged on #tunestalk)

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